• Newlisi

    Newlisi Zero Sludge has developed an EU patented technology (the patent is also registered in 16 other states outside of the EU) able to treat and reduce civil and industrial sewage sludge. The six stage process involves chemical-physical reactions including wet oxidation with chemicals, working at standard pressure and maximum temperatures of 90°C.


    via San Primo, 4
    Milano 20121
  • Pure Technologies

    Pure provides technologies and services for non-destructive assessment and real-time remote monitoring of critical physical infrastructure. Pure’s clients are located throughout the world and include owners and managers of water, wastewater and hydrocarbon pipelines, bridges, and buildings.


    705 - 11 Avenue SW
    Calgary T2R 0E3
  • HydroSpin

    Founded in 2010, HydroSpin has developed a set of unique in-pipe generators that generate electricity from the flow of water inside distribution pipes. The HydroSpin generator creates enough power to support low-energy devices throughout the water network; such as sensors, probes and transmission devices (GPRS).
    The need for the HydroSpin generator is derived from two major trends: improving the reliability of the water networks and improving the process of data harvesting from the network.


    Kibbutz Lavi
    Lower Galilee 15267
  • Neosens

    Developing continuous & real-time liquid quality monitoring & control solutions based on MEMS technologies to optimize industrial processes.

    Founded in 2001, and located outside Toulouse, France, Neosens develops and markets a new generation of sensor solutions to monitor and control the quality of any liquids in the environment and the industry to optimize industrial processes, to protect our environment, and to extend life of equipment.


    Rue Jean Bart Diapason - Bat B
    Labège 31674
  • Turning Smart Meters Into Water Leak Detectors

    Here’s a question with a lot of value to California’s $43 billion agriculture industry: how can you detect and prevent wasteful, expensive and crop-damaging water leaks without installing a single new sensor?

  • SolaQuaGen

    SolaQuaGen is a young company set up to deliver solutions to one of the greatest problems facing the globe by exploiting some of the most ancient scientific principles in a new and innovative way.

    SolaQuaGen’s technology is now ready to deliver environmentally sound solutions to the world’s looming water and food crisis.


    Gatehouse Road
    Aylesbury HP19 8EA
    United Kingdom
  • Seawater Greenhouse

    Climate change, together with rising world populations and unsustainable farming practices, are causing the exhaustion of fresh water and food resources. The necessity for both is expected to exceed availability in the foreseeable future. It is the simple reality of this situation which gave rise to the idea for the Seawater Greenhouse.


    2a Greenwood Road
    London E8 1AB
    United Kingdom
  • Clean Runner

    Portsmouth, N.H.-based Clean Runner, LLC, which cleans the water used in natural gas and oil wells and returns it for reuse without the use of chemicals. The company, which also has offices in Salida, Colo., uses a proprietary method called PetroCleanse, described as a combination of technologies - including reverse osmosis, electro-coagulation, oil and water separation and mechanical clarification - depending on how pure the incoming production water is. The company touts its chemical-free process as both cheaper that traditional methods and better for the environment.


    One Cate Street
    Portsmouth 03801
    United States
  • BlueWater FilterClear

    Bluewater FilterClear provide both standard and tailored turnkey solutions. If you have a need to install a new filtration system, enhance the performance of existing treatment systems or replace deep bed media then please give us a call. Whether your need is industrial, drinking water, waste water (wastewater), environmental, recycling or desalination pre-treatment then we are here to help.


    3 Campsie Road
    Kirkintilloch G66 1SH
    United Kingdom
  • Reverse osmosis, distilled, spring or ionized? Experts weigh in on water

    Water composes half to four-fifths of you, depending on how much body fat you have. It makes up about 85 percent of your brain, 80 percent of your blood, and 70 percent of your lean muscle. The human body, like all living organisms, survives by means of an ongoing flow of energy. You are an engine, and water is your fuel, coolant, and lubricant. Water keeps you running," states Suzanne Winckler in the UC Davis publication Groundwater.

  • Caves hold secret of Australia’s ‘buried treasure’

    Australia’s limestone caves hold precious clues to Australia’s groundwater – the nation’s most important savings bank of fresh water, a leading water scientist says.

    As the nation comes to rely increasingly on groundwater to sustain its cities, mining and agriculture, it will be crucial to find out how its aquifers get refilled in order to avoid over-extraction, says Professor Andy Baker of the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT) and The University of New South Wales (UNSW).  

  • Water Treatment Technology Feasibility Support Document for Chemical Contaminants

    Water Treatment Technology Feasibility Support Document for Chemical Contaminants for the Second Six-Year Review of National Primary Drinking Water Regulations. A report by United States Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Using Resonant Frequency

    Started by James Lindgaard on
    20 Dec 2013 at 21:21

      What might be a thought is to find out if specific resonant frequencies have the same effect on salt in a solute as it does on a flat surface.

     If the sound waves were in direct opposition to the flow of water, then it is possible that it might have the same effect. If so...


  • Low-Cost Water Purification Systems Can Save Lives, Be Used in Disasters

    According to Dr. Brent Haddad, environmental studies professor at the University of California Santa Cruz, over 3 million people—including 1.3 million children under the age of six—die each year from drinking infected water. He notes that “Contaminated water is one of the biggest factors in the higher mortality rates of Third World countries.”

    Do we need to treat the drinking water if carbon dioxide is naturally mixed with it?
  • What is more feasible; having separate sewerage & storm drainage or combined systems ?

    Started by Ala H. Al-Kazzaz on
    18 Dec 2013 at 05:05

    In practice and due to blockage, illegal sewerage links have been connected to the storm drainage networks, resulting in constraints to the capacity of the pipelines and pollution of the rivers where the collected waste water was discharged.     

  • New method of restoring wetlands successful along Gulf Coast

    More than 135 acres of prairie wetland habitat have been restored near Houston with a new method that may help additional acreages be recovered, according to experts with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

    The prairie wetlands at Sheldon Lake State Park have been restored over a 10-year period using a novel approach of re-excavating soil covered up by other land-use situations, particularly agriculture, said Marissa Sipocz, AgriLife Extension wetland program manager in Houston.

  • Aquatech

    Aquatech is a global leader in water purification systems technology for industrial and infrastructure markets with a focus on desalination, water reuse, wastewater treatment, and zero liquid discharge. Our focus is on providing technology leadership and performance excellence to the global water industry and supporting our clients with cutting edge, sustainable water purification systems and technologies that are solving the world's water scarcity challenges.


    One Four Coins Drive
    Canosburg 15317
    United States
  • Scientist Wins Award for Innovative Water-filtering Technology

    Hydraulic fracturing has been under fire for the amount of concentrated wastewater produced by the fracking process — up to 3 to 5 million gallons per drill site. However, a new technology developed at Idaho National Laboratory could change that by turning fracking wastewater back into potable water.

  • Water Remediation ‘Robots' Feast On Over 400 Wastewater Contaminants, Then Self-Destruct

    Meet the BactoBots, the secret agents of wastewater treatment. These water remediation “robots” can destroy multiple enemies at once, survive extreme conditions, and self-destruct if things go wrong. 

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