• Naldeo

    Since December 2012, Pöyry France has changed ownership and has become Naldeo.
    The company is now jointly held by its employees and by the French Private Equity DEMETER, assuring its complete independance from any public or private entity.
    Therefore, services provided by Naldeo's 200 engineers are based on their sole expert opinion, allowing Naldeo to maintain the highest professionnal and ethical standards at all times.

  • COBA Engineering and Environmental Consultants

    COBA is a multidisciplinary company of engineering and environmental consultants developing studies and designs and providing assistance, management and supervision services associated with the construction of undertakings in the field of water storage and use for hydropower generation, public drinking water supply and irrigation purposes, in the field of storm water drainage systems, sanitation and <strong

  • INDE

    INDE  is synonymous with qualified business advice. We provide counseling and Engineering Services and Consultancy, Project Management, Procurement Management, Project management: from specific short-term measures to long-term global projects for companies of any size.

    We develop solutions covering the entire spectrum of engineering project management. We are specialized in managing environmental projects and water treatment.

  • Skat Consulting

    Skat applies its long-established expertise to the fight against poverty through collaboration with partners from all continents.

    Skat's aim is to help in the fight against poverty through support to the livelihoods of disadvantaged and marginalised people. The organisation has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience since its establishment in 1978. Skat applies its knowledge through collaboration with partners from all continents.

  • HydroSolutions

    Hydrosolutions Ltd is a privately owned Swiss consulting firm founded in 2011. The company is a Swiss startup company (ETH-spinoff) that provides intelligence for environmental change to governments and governmental agencies, to international organizations as well as to companies. Our main focus is on water resource conflict assessment and mitigation, on the water-energy-nexus, and water resources management and planning.

  • Ecopsis

    Established in 1992, ECOPSIS is an international consulting firm specializing in the technical, socio-economic, financial and institutional challenges of sanitation projects. Specific areas of intervention include all sectors related to human activity: wastewater and solid waste (from both domestic and industrial origins), basic sanitation and hygiene promotion. The aim of ECOPSIS is to be proactive with the challenges posed by sanitation issues.

  • Envisager

    Envisager advises companies, financiers and governments about environmental, market, competitive and political drivers that affect the business of water and wastewater worldwide.

  • O2 Environmental

    O2 Environmental provides water technology market intelligence for strategic business decisions.

    We work with:

  • Pacific Rim Eco Consultants

    We offer integrated one-stop services for aquatic ecosystems restoration, ecological enhancements, water reclamation and pollution control

    Our Strengths

    • urban planning
    • water quality and industrial wastewater
    • ecological restoration
    • engineered wetlands
    • sustainability assessment
    • financial advice
    • real estate development
  • CDM Smith

    CDM Smith provides lasting and integrated solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities to public and private clients worldwide. As a full-service consulting, engineering, construction and operations firm, we deliver exceptional client service, quality results and enduring value across the entire project life cycle.

  • Black & Veatch

    Black & Veatch strikes a balance that is rare for any industry. Our Mission sets the bar high – Building a World of Difference ®. We live up to that ideal by delivering reliable and innovative infrastructure solutions to our clients’ most complex challenges. The result is that Black & Veatch helps to improve and sustain the quality of life around the world.

    Founded in 1915, Black & Veatch is a leading global engineering, consulting and construction company. We specialize in these major markets:


    ARCADIS is an international company that provides consultancy, design, engineering and management services in the fields of Infrastructure, Water, Environment and Buildings. Over the years, we have worked diligently to retain our core values, and we’ve made it our priority to ask ourselves the tougher questions about who we want to be—as a trusted consultant, as an employer, and as a corporate citizen.

  • Membrane Instruments and Technology

    Founded in 2009, MINT specialises in membrane process optimization through its advisory services and instrumentations. It has developed its own membrane integrity detection system, MEM-SHIELD, based on its patented Membrane Integrity Sensor (MIS). The system can monitor and detect membrane integrity breaches of up to 0.001% broken fibres online; provide direct relationship with LRV to ensure that the effluent stay within guidelines and isolate problematic modules more efficiently.

  • AWT Water

    AWT Water has a fast-growing reputation for being a global leader in water technology. We are committed to providing specialist water technology services and immerse ourselves in the science and engineering of water and its practical application.

  • Australian Groundwater Technologies

    Australian Groundwater Technologies Pty Ltd (AGT) was founded in October 2000 as a specialist groundwater technology consulting company with a focus on aquifer management, artificial recharge (AR), also referred to as Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) and ASR techniques and methodologies.

  • Atom Consulting

    Atom Consulting specialises in facilitating all phases of a project's lifecycle. Whether you need a workshop to define the initial scope, an options paper built in parallel with the detailed technical studies that feed it, quality and risk assessments, stakeholder consensus and decision management or operational management reviews, Atom Consulting is the partner who gives you best results first time.

  • Asset Integrity Australasia

    Asset Integrity Australasia Pty Ltd (AIA) is a pipeline inspection and consulting company formed in 2006. Since this time we have provided pipeline inspection and condition assessment services to a number of major gas and water utilities in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.
    These services have been used extensively to assess operationally critical pipelines from whole lengths to sections such as those at bridges, dams, tunnels, key crossings and water treatment plants.

  • Aspect Process Services

    ASpect Process Services is a specialist consulting and technology company dedicated to the:
    Auditing, Comparison, Design, Commissioning, Optimisation, Automated Control and Risk Assessment
    of wastewater treatment facilities involving:
    Chemical, Biological, Biochemical, and Physical processes, focusing on advanced sewage treatment facilities that incorporate the Activated Sludge or AS Process in any of its configurations.

  • Aquenta Consulting

    Aquenta has been providing constructive solutions to organisations across Australia for over 50 years. Originally founded as Cameron and Middleton in 1955, and subsequently as Currie & Brown in 1990, we’re proud to have a local knowledge base and highly skilled team in every mainland state. With a team of over 200 of the highest calibre people in the country, our reputation as the leading provider of independent cost and contract management services within the Building, Mining, Transport, Oil & Gas and Utilities sector is steadfast.

  • The Artemis Project

    Our multi-stakeholder approach enables us to bring unique capabilities to 21st century water management.

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