water resources management

  • Austria Joins World Bank’s Water Partnership Program

    The Government of Austria has become the fourth donor to the World Bank’s Water Partnership Program (WPP), joining the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Denmark. The new contribution will help increase the World Bank’s efforts to help countries become more resilient to climate change and achieve their development goals through improved water management and services.

  • Water Governance in the Arab Region: Managing scarcity and securing the future

    Industry Tags: Agriculture
    The Report calls for: Integrated governance approaches which address the links between water and health, education, poverty reduction, and environmental protection, while also balancing the demand for water from different sectors in order to ensure food and energy security. A better understanding of the real “value” of water, which takes into account social and environmental costs, as well as the direct financial costs of extraction and delivery; Water and sanitation institutions and in co-ordination to improve the efficiency of water distribution; Overhauling inadequate and/or weakly enforced legislation so that it can protect scarce water resources better; The systematic involvement of diverse stakeholders, including local communities, in decision-making and in the mechanisms necessary to increase the accountability and transparency of public water and sanitation services; Support for research, innovation, and data collection, including through stronger regional mechanisms for sharing data and knowledge; and Paying greater attention to shared water resource management across national boundaries.
  • Aquatech India 2012

    Event Location: 
    New Delhi, India
    Start Date: 
    25 April 2012
    End Date: 
    27 April 2012
    Reasons to visit: *Experience the largest, most complete and international water show in India *Network with the world leading brands in the industry *Learn from best practices in operation around the world *View demonstrations and see the latest innovations and technologies *Benefit from special attention for waste water and clean water *See specific solutions for industrial applications (water re-use, water treatment technology) *Seek a better job ...
  • TazaGIS-Days 2012

    Event Location: 
    Taza, Morocco
    Start Date: 
    23 May 2012
    End Date: 
    24 May 2012
    The Taza-GIS-Days will take in two days (May 23-24, 2012). Participants will have the opportunity to learn about GIS through a series of presentations, exhibitions and practical exercises presented by a distinguished group of professionals.
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