• No-till, cover crops helping Texas grower fight drought

    With less than an inch of rain falling since the beginning of October, many wheat crops in the area are beginning to fail. Not Henderson’s. Three years ago he took a leap of faith and made a drastic change in his farming operation. With encouragement from the USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and other sources, he became a no-till farmer. This meant instead of spending countless hours on the tractor plowing his land multiple times, Henderson would now only make one trip to plant the seeds with special no-till equipment and one trip to fertilize.

  • Water levels at Israel's main freshwater reservoir suffers significant dip

    The water levels in Lake Kinneret – the Sea of Galilee – which is Israel's main freshwater reservoir have experienced a disconcerting drop of 26 inches in three months, according to the Water Authority.

    The lake experienced a favorable winter in 2011, but the harsh summer's evaporation rate and regular pumping from the lake have taken their toll.

  • Making Scotland a Hydro Nation

    Event Location: 
    Scotland, United Kingdom
    Start Date: 
    19 June 2012
    End Date: 
    19 June 2012
    This one-day national conference will provide a platform for those in Scotland and beyond to come together to understand the potential presented by the Water Resources Bill and Hydro Nation strategy and how they can contribute to the development of that potential, domestically and internationally.
  • Mexican farmers suffer worst drought in 70 years


    Mexico is being battered its worst drought in seven decades, which has devastated farm life and is expected to continue into next year.

    The lack of rainfall has affected almost 70 percent of the country and northern states like Coahuila, San Luis Potosi, Sonora, Tamaulipas and Zacatecas have suffered the most acute water shortage.

    Due to the drought and a cold snap at the start of the year, the government has cut its forecast for corn production two times in 2011. It now expects a harvest of 20 million tonnes compared to a previous estimate of 23 million.

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  • Rains Bring Relief For Six-Month China Drought, But Chronic Water Problems Loom


    Heavy rainfall began in China last Friday, easing the effects of a prolonged drought that has been ongoing in the nation’s central and eastern regions since January. Though this spring’s dry spell has affected 35 million people across five provinces in the Yangtze River Basin—leaving 3.5 million with limited access to drinking water—analysts predict limited impact on national food production, consumer prices, and power output.

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