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ATD Waste Systems Inc., a private company incorporated in British Columbia, designs processes that convert waste products into new uses. The Company is in the business of licensing its unique technology that is ready for commercialization. The technology solves many serious operational and environmental problems commonly associated with large scale hog production.
Those problems are:

  • Too much manure for the available acreage
  • Odour complaints from neighbours
  • Water shortages
  • Nutrient imbalance between manure and soil/crop conditions
  • Health threats to staff and animals
  • Liquid discharges exceed local regulatory limits
  • Greenhouse gas production

The Company takes hog manure from the barns to create a dry pelleted fertilizer, wash water and animal drinking water. This significantly reduces odours, greenhouse gases, water consumption and health threats. The process also eliminates lagoons for long-term storage and the need for nearby acreage. The system increases profits and protection from disease epidemics.
This technology opens the door to new savings in transportation costs of feed and animals while maintaining a bio-secure perimeter around the herd. As well, the herd can now be located on unproductive land wherever the logistics of feed, labour and water dictate least costs.
ATD Waste Systems Inc. is dedicated to offering its clients an affordable, efficient technology that provides a long term sustainable solution for hog producers world-wide.

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