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PO Box 403488
Florida 33140-1488
United States

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Aqua Sciences, Inc. is a Delaware corporation headquartered in Florida, established to develop and bring to market innovative water technologies, including proprietary atmospheric water capture and purifications systems.

Unlike other technologies such as refrigerant dehumidification-based systems that do not work in low humidity conditions, Aqua Sciences' revolutionary technology extracts water from the atmosphere virtually anywhere that human beings live.

Our breakthrough technology has been independently tested and has been proven to consistently produce excellent water quality. Our team of outstanding engineers brings nearly two decades of water extraction experience to the company.

Aqua Sciences, Inc. is poised to transform the water industry while making a positive humanitarian impact on the world's capability to deal with crisis situations on an emergency or long-term basis.

Its success will be measured not merely by the company's profitability, but by its continuing contribution to the world's safety, health, and quality of life.

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  • Organization TypeTechnology & Solution Provider
  • WaterPurification
  • WaterTechnologyAtmospheric Water Generator
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