Dear all..  Please advise me on what is the best mobile water treatment ...

"Nature's" Germicide": The more efficient, easy to use & cost-effective purification solution.


Mahmoud - for the past decade, I've been introducing the world to a totally natural, basic & readily available purification agent: One that has ALL the qualities/powers essential to not only CREATING, but MAINTAINING the purity of, whatever it touches. Moreover, it has NONE of the basic limitations/drawbacks of any other purification agent. Moreover, this alternative has actually been known to mankind for over 2K years.

Silver is "nature's germicide"; if you'll take a little time & go back through history, you'll find it's been recognized & used as such, even back to the very earliest great civilizations. Only trouble then was, it was too costly for the ordinary family; but the rich kept their water & fresh food in silver pitchers & bowls; we learned to protect new-born, by rinsing their eyes with Silver Nitrate, as well as for removing birth canal infections. It was long the health care industry's "default" cure - especially for sexually transmitted diseases - for generations (until discovery of Penicillin); & even today is the preferred curative/infection prevention used in Burn Centers & Micro-surgery procedures around the world. [Special Note: CS has also recently been tested - on a wide range of infections pathogens in over 2-dozen of the most prestigious labs worldwide; including the very famous "Institut Pasteur", @their Paris HQ facility. Extremely impressive results from those tests can be provided/reviewed on line.] 

In its "modern"/appropriate technology form, it's now called "Colloidal Silver"; & here's what we've both discovered & proven* about this amazing product; particularly as related to your focus, which is Water purification:

o Even in a 0.36/ppm "dilute" form, a single drop will TOTALLY purify 2/Ltrs of "raw" water, in 30/Minutes, or less. Moreover, in the process of doing so - totally UN-like Chlorine, it leaves NO "after-taste/odor" or discoloration. But even more important, because it eliminates ANY/ALL FORMS &/or STRAINS OF PATHOGENS (notably including "Resistant" strains - which Pharma Products/Chlorine can't touch, unless specifically "designed" for them!), just a few drops quickly takes care of all infectious potential.  In Flood &/or other "cloudy" water, the solution works the same; but takes a bit longer to circulate around leaves, mud or other effluvia; A couple drops in 1/Liter will still fully purify; & within that same 30/Min. time period. (NB: For extra-heavy murky water, we recommend a drop of Aluminum Sulfate; it has NO negative impact on the Silver; but will cause all suspended matter to go to the bottom in seconds!)

o A 2nd major advantage to this purification agent, is simply this: Chlorine, for example, is itself degraded when it attacks & eliminates a pathogenic form: CS, to the contrary, does its work on those forms in an entirely different way, & thus is NOT degraded, so provides a sustainable post-treatment/down-stream protection against re-infection; a Major problem, as a WHO/UNICEF study discovered.

o But a feature that small children love, is that - as a Ugandan tribe once noted - it creates "water that doesn't taste like medicine"! In fact, there's NO after-taste (nor negative health "side-effects") in/from CS-treated water.

o Finally, CS is often packaged in "dropper-nosed" hard/opaque plastic vials; some as small as 1>3/Oz's. Carrying a vial of this is like having a medicine cabinet in one's pocket.  And those miraculous "healers of the poorest of the poor" - aka "Bush Clinic" MD's - think so much of this solution, they've informed me they use it to cure anywhere from 50>75% of the patients coming through their doors daily.  A downside is, NOT every nation has been willing to test & approve import of this incredible NON-Pharma germicide/antibiotic; a major reason being, too many of their MoH officials have been "bought off" by those very "deep pocket"/silk-suited Pharma Reps! But you can even get around this artificial barrier, by doing as the "Bush Clinic" MD's do: MAKE YOUR OWN! But, in that case, you'll need to do so on a daily basis; as, unless made in special plants, the Silver won't remain suspended for very long. CS, by the way - UNLESS subjected to very strong direct light; older X-Ray machines or Magnets - has a very long "shelf-life": 1 production co., I worked for had a batch made when they first opened their plant, over 20 years ago; the test it annually, & - so far - it's still as potent today as it was the day it was made! How many Pharma products can make that claim?

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