Control of biofilm growth in drinking-water pipleline


Dear Muthukrishna,

Could you please clarify whether do you mean that disinfection with ozone and ultraviolet light in your situation should not be applied?  If not, I may suggest UV and/or Ozone options.

You may see our (New Zealand) approach which we have developed for drinking-water quality's control, which you may find on the Ministry of Health web-side (section 'Publications'),

See also:

For details, please see relevant sections in Drinking-water Standards for New Zealand 2005(2008), Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality Management for New Zealand 2005, and several other supporting documents (e.g. UV Disinfection and Cartridge Filtration, Public Health Risk Management Plans for Drinking-water Supplies, etc.).

I hope this might be of your help.

If you would need further details and assistance, I am happy to assist.

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Vishnukumar M Kulkarni
Dear Sirs,

Controlling biofilm in pipeline for drinking water is possible by maintaining free residual chlorine level to more than 0.2 ppm constantly. While using chlorination for disinfection, it is essential to maintain free residual chlorine and consistency is the key. Usually is difficult to maintain free residual chlorine due to various reasons and chlorine gas being aggressive and highly reactive, it is difficult to control and equipment used for dosing may malfunction if proper care is not taken. This is possible for large treatment plants having sufficient skilled manpower; however, it is most difficult or rather impossible for smaller establishments or townships. For such establishments or even for individual houses now it is possible to maintain desired free residual chlorine level without fear of overdosing by using CHLORITARD.

CHLORITARD is a unique product developed especially for remote places, small - large establishments where technical manpower is not available, water quality is not consistent and electricity is not available for very long time in a day! This is being used for more than two decades in India without failure once suitable pouch of CHLORITARD is suspended in overhead water tank once a month! This pouch containing bleaching powder with retard action maintains free residual chlorine to about 0.5 ppm consistently for 1 month.

I am sure if such technology is used, there is no chance for microbes to develop biofilm. Pl contact me for more details at


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