By adding the Archaea species to the matrix all biofilm will be eliminated. There will be zero need for disinfectant. The Archaea reduce all organic matter into its elemental form. It is non pathogenic and non mutational.  ph range of 5.5 to 10.0. Temp range 35 F to 185 F.  Cost is pennies per application.



Yoshimi Yoshida
FYI The Oppenheimer Formula
Guy McGowen
Thanks Yoshimi for recognizing my companies efforts. Dr Oppenheimer turned over his Intellectual properties to me in 2007. I have been expanding the areas of Archaea use since then. In a conversation later I will explain why Dr O stated you can not "culture" the Archaea. Part of his secrets. This happens when you mix Microbiology and Physics.
fuad kareem.
the first step is good treatment of drinking water and perfect disinfection. with keeping o.5 ppm free chlorine in line and avoid contamination ,
Guy McGowen
Inorganic chemicals are the main problem. Once you use them it is impossible to get rid of their residue. All organic materials are subject to bioremediation. The rna microbial group known as the Archaea are the only microbial group that has the genetic code to reduce these compounds into their elemental form. The Archaea have not been cultured to date. They have been collected, multiplied, packed in bentonite clay for long term storage and used as needed.. Dr Carl h. Oppenheimer jr. had spent 40 years studying these bugs. Discovered them in the 1940,s, researched their characteristics and parameters in the 1950,s, did hundreds of world clean ups in the 1960,s taught at University of texas for 25 years. Went into private business cleaning oil spills around the world.
Biofilms on pipes I am assuming are the same as on waste treatment tanks and septic tanks. These have been and are still being cleaned with the Archaea to this day.
This an old technology from the 1970,s to the mid 1990,s. Dr Oppenheimer is known as the Father of Bioremediation. You may contact the University of Texas in Austin. They are now completing the digitalizing of all his works and will have a complete listing of his 700 + white papers on the subject. You can also find a few YouTube videos on this. look under mega Borg oil spill. 1989 For specific questions you may call me on Skype. guy_mcgowen.
Veronica Lack
Anhydrous Ammonia in Midwest Source Waters reacts with the addition of Chlorine as a disinfection for the CAFO manure fertilizer bacteria causing deadly disinfection byproducts. Since Anhydrous Ammonia is a man made chemical of energy storage, how does Archaea react in source water with high levels of Anhydrous Ammonia?
Muthukrishna vellaisamy Kumarasamy
Hi McGowen, Very interesting answer. How do we culture Archaea in lab? Is it sensitive to any environmental conditions? Will it be effective on biofilms in pipe? Once adding Archaea, will it be any change of water quality? Could you please suggest any journal article on this bio-elimination method?
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