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Altela, Inc. offers a fundamentally different water desalination/decontamination solution inspired by nature itself. Through the use of its proprietary, patented AltelaRain® technology, Altela desalinates and decontaminates highly-challenged, frac flowback, brackish and produced water from shale fracking without the energy intensive equipment, high temperatures or pressure of other water desalination technologies.

AltelaRain® mimics nature’s hydrologic cycle exactly, but brings the two-step process of evaporation and condensation closer together physically. Why? Because it uses nature’s third gift to full advantage as well: the fact that the second condensation step gives off the same amount of low-grade heat energy as is required in the first evaporation step. The AltelaRain® process reuses this energy over and over again, naturally. Without pumps or motors that wear out, Altela’s process makes 3 gallons of clean water from the heat energy that would usually only make 1 gallon – through 300% energy-re-use – thus making Altela both a clean-tech energy and water purification company. Energy-reuse reduces even further the already low operating cost of AltelaRain®. Treating water naturally – but using smart technology to improve on even Mother Nature. Now that’s something new under the sun. And it’s all in the effort to help you convert your water liabilities into clean water assets.

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